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Dunnage Bags Light
"First step of protection"

Dunnage Bags Light     Poduszki Sztauerskie YSM

Light Airbag is a 1-Ply construction composed of inner polyethylene bag and one layer of waterproof Kraft paper.

Dunnage Bags are recommended for securing light cargo. Depending on the size of the bag they can withstand loads up to 6400KGS.

Dunnage Bags - Sizes
Paper Airbags are available in following sizes:

     90x120cm     90x150cm
     90x180cm     90x210cm

Offered bags by YSM and Partners have high flow / fast fill valve that can be used both with compressed air inflators with Venturi effect as well as with portable blowers.

Technical Information about Type Light
Working pressure: 0,1 BAR lub 10 KPA lub 1,45 PSI
Bursting pressure: 0,3 BAR lub 30 KPA lub 4,35 PSI
Safety factor: 3

Download Specification Sheet for Type Light Dunnage Bags

    Specification for Dunnage Bags 90X120L
    Specification for Dunnage Bags 90X150L
    Specification for Dunnage Bags 90X180L
    Specification for Dunnage Bags 90X210L

Paper Airbags     Paper Airbags

Usage in practice
We are always eager to help our customers is selecting the adequate Dunnage Bag for their needs, recommending both size and construction type. When needed, we assist in preparing detailed loading-plans and help to educate on Dunnage Bag usage and correct stevedoring practices.
Each project is approached individually.

We invite you to contact YSM and Partners!

YSM and Partners - "Dunnage Bag Specialists"
Using of Dunnage Bags

Valve for Dunnage Bags

Dunnage Bags Packing

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