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Polypropylene Ropes: YSM-POLY
"Your daily rope"
Most commonly used synthetic fiber ropes, in our offer diameters from 6 mm to 96 mm. 3-strand twisted and 8-strand plaited constructions. Floating ropes, rot proof, easy to splice.
Braided PP Multifilament Ropes: YSM-MULTI
"Nice and soft braided PPM rope"
High class, nice and soft braided rope made from PP Multifilament. Used in industry, sport and recreation. Recommended by us for usage in yacht sector. Construction with core and overbraid.
Mixed Polyolefin Ropes: YSM-SOLID
"Mooring Rope Bestseller"
Mixed polyolefin with addictives, even 40% stronger than standard polypropylene ropes, in our offer diameters from 32 mm to 104 mm. 8-strand plaited ropes, floating, resistant to abrasion and UV, rot proof and good resistance to acids and oil.
Polyolefin Ropes with Polyester: YSM-GRAND
"Rope for demanding users"
Ropes with outer strands covered by high quality polyester, high breaking load and strength, in our offer diameters from 36 mm to 104 mm. 8-strand plaited ropes, combine all advantages of polysteel and polypropylene with higher breaking load.
Polyamide Ropes: YSM-NYLON
"High stretch and softness"
Rope of soft texture, high stretch of up to 40%, high breaking load. Resistant to abrasion and rot proof, does not float and absorbs water, in our offer also twisted nylon twines and polyamide braided twines.
Dyneema® Ropes
"World's best known High Performance Fiber"
Made from UHMWPE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, weight-to-weight ratio, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than in steel wires. Light and ultra strong, easy to handle, rot proof and UV resistant.
"Your alternative to bigger steel wires"
Uncompromised strength and durability. Result of years of tests and experience. Exceptional strength and low stretch make YSM-AERO a direct replacement for steel wires.
High End HMPE Towing Ropes: YSM-AERO HD
"It does not get any tougher than this"
Our custom prepared overbraided HMPE ropes are designed to work in even hardest environments. All advantages of HMPE rope with much higher resistance to both temperature and abrasion.
Synthetic Rope with Natural Looks: YSM-SAIL
"Harmony with surrounding"
YSM and Partners introduces YSM-SAIL classic ropes that combine contemporary materials with elegant looks of a natural rope. Harmony with surrounding is achieved without compromising the strength and abrasion resistance.
Natural Manila Ropes
"Feeling of an old vessel"
Being stronger than Sisal and Hemp, Manila is one of the most attractive natural fiber ropes. Original Manila Ropes imported from Philippines are offered from stock.
Natural Cotton Ropes
"Cotton ropes for every usage"
YSM and Partners offers natural 100% Cotton Ropes. In our warehouse, you will find Braided Cotton Ropes available right away. 
Kinetic Ropes, Mooring & Towing Stretchers, Pennant Lines
"Rely on us when choosing your stretcher"
Depending on the used materials and construction, we can supply ropes with stretch of 20% - 40%. Elongation and very good abrasion resistance make our ropes perfect candidates for your Mooring Tail, Ring Tail or Towing Stretcher.
Mooring Ropes
"Trust YSM and Partners rope specialists"
We are mooring ropes and mooring accessories specialists. Having knowledge of latest rules, regulations and guidance we can provide direct assistance for ship-owners and ship-managers. 
Splicing, Service and Inspections
"Our job is not finished with just the delivery"
We are experts in synthetic fiber ropes and rope splicing. Facing a problem with abrasion caused damages? Contact us right away. We carry out on-site or on-board inspections and have protection and repair solutions for already installed ropes. 
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